CCG on The Health Care Blog

Commonwealth Care Group is dedicated to advancing the causes of home health workers and consumers. As a result, we are frequently asked to contribute insights, opinions and commentary to various media sources. Our goal in sharing these pieces here is to provide a window into how we think about home care. We are working hard to be an example of how home health operations can be better, and the publication below articulates some of our methodology.  

Please read above or follow this link to view our commentary about the positive impacts of paying higher wages to home health workers. 

About the PublicationThe Health Care Blog is the leading online forum covering the business of healthcare and the new ideas that are changing the health care industry. It is read by a daily audience of 4,000 – 5,000 healthcare industry observers, decision makers and healthcare pros. The Wall Street Journal calls THCB “the leading insider voice in the field. The New York Times calls us “the authority.” They have also been called “The New New England Journal of Medicine” and “Wired meets the Journal of the American Medical Association.”We are honored to have our thoughts represented on such an exceptional forum.