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Our collaboration with Trinity Presbyterian Church to form the Eleos Nursing Academy has been highlighted by, a tremendous resource for insight into the world of senior care. The next iteration of the training begins soon, so please reach out if you are interested in learning more. 

Find the story here!

Here is a snippet from the article, which we are particularly proud of!

"The Trinity group collaborated with the Commonwealth Care Group, a new and innovative care agency in the area. One of CCG’s major distinctions from other local care agencies is that they pay a higher pay rate to professional caregivers. In contrast, traditional care agencies underpay these critically important staff and this practice is a major factor in high employee turnover. High turnover reduces the consistency and quality of care for elders. In addition, CCG’s employees are “selectively recruited” and  their training is held at a high standard. Like the Trinity members, CCG also recognized the need for more well trained home care aides and accessible training for the nurses aide certification. They have stepped up to the plate and are providing Eleos Nursing Academy with insurance coverage, tuition subsidies, and administrative services for the program."