Introducing Gidget - CCG's Therapy Dog

The benefits of pet-therapy are scientifically proven and well-known. Pet interaction can help lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, reduce depression and feelings of isolation and even encourage communication.

Given the many pet loving members of the CCG family,  we recently added a new member to the team. Her name is "Gidget" and she is a two year old black lab. Gidget comes to us through St. Francis Service Dogs, an amazing non-profit organization which trains service dogs for children and adults with disabilities. After over two years of intensive training, it was decided that Gidget was too inquisitive to be a full-time service dog, but extremely well suited for life as a therapy dog (and beloved pet!) In September, she joined the CCG team and has been supporting our clients (and office team!) with her calming presence and ample kisses ever since.  

Please give us a call if you think your loved one might be interested in a supervised visit with sweet Gidget.