Capturing Your Happy Thanksgiving

One of the most powerful mediums CCG caregivers use to connect with seniors is to capture their narratives on film. It is strikingly common for families to miss their opportunity to preserve a precious tale or the sound of a loved one’s voice. These missed opportunities are particularly painful in hindsight. CCG has pushed hard to record as many stories as possible, and this Thanksgiving we want to encourage you to participate by putting your smartphone to good use and interviewing your loved ones!

We also know that many stories are not captured because their protagonists are hesitant to be recorded. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This year tell your loved one that you’d like to put their story in the Library of Congress! That’s right, the free StoryCorps app enables you to record a conversation with your loved one and house it in the Library of Congress! Try saying “no” to that, Grandpa!

Commonwealth Care Group wishes all of our clients, their families, and our dear caregivers a very happy Thanksgiving. Please travel safe and enjoy your time with family.